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Cultural Universe of Saint Sulpice

Cultural Universe of Saint Sulpice
Cultural Univers of Saint Sulpice

116, rue Notre-Dame Ouest
Montreal, QC

Contact: Vacant

General historical context

The Society of the Priests of Saint Sulpice was founded on December 29, 1641 by Jean-Jacques Olier, the future pastor of the Parish of Saint Sulpice in Paris for the realization of two objectives: "one is the renewal of the Church in her districts, the other the establishment of a new church in Canada, where a new Christian city will be built, which is a work of wonderful importance." (Dominique Deslandres, John A. Dickinson et Ollivier Hubert, Les Sulpiciens de Montréal. Une histoire de pouvoir et de discrétion 1657-2007, Montréal, Éditions Fides, 2007, p. 30 ; our translation).

The Priests of Saint Sulpice, who arrived in Canada in 1657, were the landlords of Montreal, of Saint Sulpice since 1663 and of the Lac-des-Deux-Montagnes in Oka from 1717 until the abolition of the seigniorial system in the 20th century.

Missionaries, explorers, priests and landlords, the Sulpicians have worked with indigenous people, the population of Montreal and religious sisters. Educators and humanitarians, they established schools from primary to university faculties, hospitals, institutions for the poor, libraries to encourage reading. Mindful of the beautiful, they have supported artists who have marked the fields of painting, sculpture, architecture, and music.

They have contributed to the development of religious, social, economic and cultural life in Montreal. More than 70 names of avenues, roads, parks, squares and streets in the city highlight the contribution of the Sulpicians. Through the influence of their members, they have exercised an influence in Canada and the United States, then in Rome, Japan, Colombia, in various countries of Central and South America, and mainly in Brazil.

The Corporation Cultural Universe of Saint Sulpice

In order to continue the Corporation Archives of the Priests of Saint Sulpice of Montreal (1991), the Priests of Saint Sulpice of Montreal have formed in 2006 the Corporation Cultural Universe of Saint Sulpice. They have entrusted to it the management of cultural assets that are divided into three departments:
The Corporation's mission is to make known and appreciated the role of the Priests of Saint Sulpice, landlords of Montreal, of the Lake of Two Mountains and of Saint Sulpice, in the religious, political, economic, social and cultural history of the country since the founding of Montreal (1642) until now. It aims to acquire, preserve, manage and make accessible the archives, the patrimonial goods and the rare books for the benefit of all who are interested in them.

In 2010, the Board of Directors of the Corporation is formed of the following persons:
  • Vacant, President
  • Fr. Pierre Bougie PSS, Vice-President
  • Fr. Robert Gauthier, PSS, Secretary
  • Mr. Marc Lacasse, Administrator
  • Mrs. Monique Lanthier, Treasurer

L'Univers en bref is a French language publication of the Corporation about its most recent activities.


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ed @ Peter Krasuski Source

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