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The Seminary of Montréal

Major Seminary of Montreal

Grand Séminaire de Montréal 

2065, rue Sherbrooke Ouest
Montreal, QC H3H 1G6

Contact: Fr. Jaroslaw Kaufmann, PSS, Rector
Ph.: (514) 935-1169 ext. 202
Fax: (514) 935-5497
Email: seminaire.montreal@sulpc.org or info@gsdm.qc.ca
Website: www.gsdm.qc.ca


Major Seminary of Montreal.

In 1825, His Excellency Jean-Jacques Lartigue, Auxiliary Bishop of Quebec residing in Montreal, founds a school of theology that is housed in the bishop’s residence. His successor, the second bishop of the newly erected Diocese of Montreal in 1836, His Excellency Ignace Bourget, decides in 1840 to entrust to Saint Sulpice this institution that becomes then the Major Seminary of Montreal. To this end, he signs with Fr. Joseph-Vincent Quiblier, the Superior of the  Seminary of Saint Sulpice, a concordat concerning the formation of priests.

Under the direction of Fr. Pierre-Louis Billaudèle, the Major Seminary is first housed in the east wing of the former building of the College of Montreal at Saint Paul Street West, near McGill Street. In November 1840, it receives 19 seminarians: 11 of the diocese of Montreal, 5 of Kinsgston, 2 of Boston and 1 without a known diocese. In November 1842, it will count 40 seminarians and in the subsequent years, about 50 students. In 1857, the house occupies a new building constructed on Sherbrooke Street West, on the site of the Fort de la Montagne.

The Major Seminary of Montreal becomes a faculty of theology affiliated with the Laval University in Quebec in 1878. The Major Seminary will become a canonical School of Theology in 1925. After the move to the campus in 1967, the Major Seminary will become the Institute of Theological Formation of Montreal in 1988. This Institute is the place where seminarians continue to receive their intellectual formation by taking courses in philosophy and in theology with external students.

The program consists of:
  • a propedeutic year putting emphasis on prayer, service and community life, accompanied by introductory courses in the mystery of salvation, spirituality, the Bible and some courses in philosophy;
  • a second year of studies in philosophy ending with the obtainment of a diploma of major in philosophy;
  • a year of study in theology;
  • a pastoral year in a parish;
  • two years of study in theology which completes the curriculum for a bachelor's degree in theology;
  • one year of pastoral internship before ordination to the diaconate and to the  priesthood.
During the long period of its existence, the Major Seminary of Montreal was led by 29 Sulpician rectors. The current rector, Fr. Jaroslaw Kaufmann, PSS directs the Seminary since 2011. The formation team is composed of 3 Sulpicians and 1 diocesan priest.

In October 2011, the community of seminarians is composed of 3 students in philosophy, 14 in theology, 9 in pastoral year and 5 in pastoral internship. They come from 6 dioceses.

Click here for information on guided tours of the Seminary.
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