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The Seminary of Cúcuta

Seminary of Cucuta Seminario Mayor San José de Cúcuta
Apartado Aereo 040
Cúcuta, Norte de Santander
Colombia, A.S.

Contact: Fr. José Abel Sierra, PSS, Rector
Ph.: (57-7) 576-3765
Fax: (57-7) 576-3765
Email: seminario.cucuta@sulpc.org

In 1983, His Excellency Alberto Giraldo, PSS becomes Bishop of Cúcuta. He immediately asks Saint Sulpice to establish a seminary in his diocese. This house of formation begins in 1986 under the direction of the first rector, Fr. Gregorio León, PSS, who held that position until 1992. Assisted by a Sulpician aspirant and two diocesan priests, he leads the community of seminarians in the first year of the cycle of philosophy and the first year of the cycle of theology. The students who had started theology in previous years, continued their studies in the major seminaries of Pamplona and Tunja.

At the end of 1989 those who had begun their theology in this new seminary were ordained. In 1992 were ordained those who had completed their two cycles in this house of formation.

The first Sulpician rector of the seminary was succeeded by Fathers Hector Epalza, PSS (1993), Diego Restrepo, PSS (1999),  Norberto Flórez, PSS (2003), and Joaquín Cortés (2009). The current Rector, Fr. José Abel Sierra, PSS, directs the house since 2012. He is assisted by 1 Sulpician, one candidate to Saint Sulpice, and 4 diocesan priests.

The community of seminarians currently has 79 students: 39 in philosophy and 40 in theology. There are also 7 seminarians in  pastoral year. Seventy-six come from the Diocese of Cúcuta, 10 from the Diocese of Tibú and 2 from Venezuela. Since the arrival of the Sulpicians in the Seminary of Cúcuta, more than 71 priests were ordained.

Cucuta entree
A group of seminarians at the principal entrance.
Cucuta chapelle
Park of Mary.

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