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The Seminary of Crato

Seminary of Crato Seminário Maior São José
Rua Padre Lemos, 334
Caixa Postal 03
CEP 63100-970 - Crato - CE - Brasil

Contact: Fr. Norbayro Londoño, PSS, Rector
Ph.: (55-88) 3521-1228
Fax: (55-88) 3523-1060
Email: seminario.crato@sulpc.org 

Brief History of St. Joseph Seminary

The origin of the seminary begins with the desire of the first bishop of the province of Ceará, Dom Luiz Antônio dos Santos (1861-1881), to found a house of religious education in Crato. In 1872, to realize this dream, Bishop dos Santos appoints two Lazarist priests, Guilherme and Antônio, to preach in favor of this project and to collect donations for its implementation. The seminary was officially founded on March 8, 1875, with a chapel and dwellings built of straw and clay.

The façade of St. Joseph Seminary.

In 2002, Bishop Fernando Paníco, MSC, invites the Society of the Priests of Saint Sulpice to re-establish the institution and to support the priestly formation in the Diocese of Crato (erected in 1914). Fr. Lionel Gendron, PSS, at the time Provincial Superior, and Fr. Álvaro Jaramillo, PSS, Provincial Delegate, visit the Diocese. After acceptance by the Provincial Council in 2003, Fr. William René Palacios, PSS and Fr. Manuel Bautista, PSS, Colombian Sulpicians, arrive in early 2004 to assume the direction of the seminary together with two priests of the Diocese of Crato. That same year, the seminarians begin their formation in philosophy and theology in their own diocese. A contract between the Priests of Saint Sulpice of Montreal and the Diocese of Crato was signed in 2004.

Current Status of the Seminary

The formation of future priests at St. Joseph Seminary of Crato is composed of three cycles (77 seminarians): the cycle of one propedeutic year (11 students), the cycle of three years of philosophy (16 students taking their courses at Faculdade católica do Cariri of the Diocese of Crato), and the cycle of four years of theology (50 students following courses at the seminary, in Casarão São José). The seminary has 40 seminarians in philosophy and theology of the Diocese of Crato, 14 seminarians in theology from the Diocese of Iguatú, 7 seminarians in theology from the Diocese of Petrolina, 8 seminarians in theology from the Diocese of Cajazeiras and 7 seminarians in theology from the Diocese of Salgueiro.

The Seminary chapel.
Celebration of the Feast of St. Joseph, March 19, 2009.

The formation team is composed of the current rector, Fr. Norbayro Londoño, PSS, of three Sulpician priests, one candidate to Saint Sulpice as well as of two priests and a deacon of the Diocese of Crato.

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