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Saint Sulpice House in Bogotá (1989)

Saint Sulpice House in Bogota Casa sacerdotal de San Sulpicio
Carrera 62 No 172-41, Barrio San José de Bavaria
Bogotá, D.C., Colombia, A.S.

Contact: Fr. Manuel Bautista, PSSperior
Tel.: (57-1) 679-0736, ext. 231 

Fax: (57-1) 487-0225
Email: casass.bogota@sulpc.org

A Brief History

The Saint Sulpice House in Bogotá is intimately linked to the Sulpician presence in Colombia and in Latin America. After his arrival at the Seminary of Manizales in 1949 and the welcoming of several candidates, Saint Sulpice has to support within a few years various seminaries in Colombia and other Latin American countries (Panama, Guatemala, Venezuela, Brazil). Since the late sixties, when the Society directs a second seminary, that of Bogotá, appears the need for coordination of work and community life of the formation teams.

However, it was not until 1971 that a Provincial Delegation of Priests of Saint Sulpice in Colombia was established, which shortly after became the Provincial Delegation of  the Priests of Saint Sulpice of Canada in Colombia for the Region of Latin America.

Fr. Alberto Giraldo, PSS, a member of the team of Bogotá, was chosen as the first delegate,. He remains in office from 1971 to 1974 when he is appointed Auxiliary Bishop of Popayán. His successors will, like him, realize the importance of a place of belonging proper to Saint Sulpice, the more so since none of the Sulpician seminaries in Colombia, Brazil and Panama belong to the Canadian Province of the Priests  of Saint Sulpice. After several fruitless searches, on October 26, 1988, the delegate of the time, Fr. Arturo Cardona, PSS carries this design thanks to the financial support of the Provincial Financial Administration of Canada. It's in Bogotá that he buys from the Tertiary Capuchin Sisters a house in the Nicolás Federmán neighborhood. It is there that a confrere resides permanently and acts as administrator and superior of the house. The first to occupy this position is Fr. Jorge Jaramillo, PSS who was succeeded by Fr. Alfred Morin, PSS The director welcomes the visiting confreres in the house. Then, over the years, some confreres will take up residence there because they are retiring for reasons of age or health. Soon, the House can no longer satisfy its various administrative and residential functions. In response to this, Fr. Nelson Londoño, PSS, Provincial Delegate from 1996 to 1998, managed to finalize the purchase of a lot located in the San Jose de Bavaria neighborhood, a lot that will lend itself to building a new, larger house.

Construction of the new house

http://www.sulpc.org/sansulpicio1.jpgSaint Sulpice House in Bogotá.

It was his successor at the Delegation, Fr. Álvaro Jaramillo, PSS, deceased in 2002, who, with the Financial Administrator Fr. Gregorio León, PSS, supervises the construction of the new house. Some generous donations from multiple sources cover in a large part the costs incurred. Mention can be made among others of the contributions of various religious communities and multiple instances of Saint Sulpice: the Generalate, the Province of the United States, the Canadian Province and individual confreres  from the Canadian Province. The result is a building that meets all needs. It has 32 rooms, including 12 suites, for the reception of priests not to mention four rooms housing the nuns who provide domestic service. In addition to a refectory and a spacious chapel dedicated to St. Ambrose, the house offers its residents a fairly large library, a conference room and several rooms dedicated to community life. They move in on November 8, 2001 and the official opening takes place on January 9, 2002 in the presence of the Apostolic Nuncio, Archbishop Benniamino Stella, of the President of the Episcopal Conference of Colombia, our confrere His Excellency Alberto Giraldo, PSS Archbishop of Medellín, and several other guests.

http://www.sulpc.org/sansulpicio2.jpgSaint Sulpice House in Bogotá.

Current Situation

The House lodges the Provincial Delegation in Colombia for the Region of Latin America (the delegate and the financial administrator of the Delegation), some retired confreres, candidates to Saint Sulpice doing their studies, as well as some non- Sulpician priests studying at the Instituto de Teología Pastoral para América Latina (ITEPAL) or working in Bogotá.

This community is moderated by its director, Fr. Manuel Bautista PSS and the members of the local council.

Periodically, in January, the House welcomes the official meeting of confreres from Latin America for various study or formation sessions. It is also used for continuing formation sessions for priests in general or for the aspirants to Saint-Sulpice or for the diocesan collaborators of seminaries given to the care of the Canadian Province of Saint Sulpice. The chapel of this house welcomes daily a good number of the faithful who join the priests for the celebration of the Eucharist.

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