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Becoming a Sulpician

Becoming a Sulpician Who are the Sulpicians?

Diocesan priests - The Sulpicians form a society of diocesan priests who, after having received permission from their bishop, engage in the ministry specific to the Society of the Priests of Saint Sulpice.

Community life – The Society of Saint Sulpice is a society of apostolic life of pontifical right, confirmed and approved by the Holy See. The Constitutions, approved by the Holy See, define its pastoral commitments. Its members elect the officers for the entire Society and for each of the three provinces. In each pastoral activity they always work as a team.

Service to the diocesan priesthood - The commitment of the Priests of Saint Sulpice towards God and the Church is accomplished through the service to diocesan priests. Their primary mandate is to assist bishops in the preparation of candidates for the priesthood and in the ongoing formation of priests.

What qualities do we seek in the aspiring candidates to Saint Sulpice?

Parish Experience - Before an priest joins the Society, the Sulpicians require that the aspiring candidate would have completed at least two years of parish ministry, an experience which enabled him to develop a strong sense of belonging to his diocese and a commitment to priestly ministry. Indeed, they need priests who live and love their priesthood and who want to assist bishops in the service of diocesan seminarians and priests.

Ability to work as a team - The Sulpicians look for candidates able to work in a community environment and to work collegially on a mission in harmony with fellow priests as well as with lay or religious persons.

Ability to share one’s faith through a life of prayer that nourishes a real enthusiasm for Christ and his Gospel, for the Church and the priesthood. The apostolic spirit that animated their founder, Father Jean-Jacques Olier, is the source of this sharing.

Individual talents that open the way to intellectual and professional preparation of quality in several areas: spiritual direction, teaching of philosophy or of theology, pastoral leadership. This implies an openness to learning the Sulpician pedagogy that is being constantly renewed.

How can a priest become a Sulpician?

Prerequisites - To be a diocesan priest incardinated in a diocese, to have completed at least two years of parish ministry in his diocese of origin and to be available to serve in the pastoral works of the Canadian Province of the Priests of Saint Sulpice.

Initial Discernment – If a priest meets these prerequisites, he may contact the person responsible for the Sulpician vocations for his region (see the list below). He will provide information on the periodic meetings held for the aspiring candidates to the Society and will be in charge of this first experience with Saint Sulpice until the moment when the  Provincial Council will accept him as a candidate. His participation in these meetings will give him sufficient information about the Society and the requirements of Sulpician life. This priest will also be accompanied spiritually in the discernment of his possible Sulpician vocation.

Candidacy - After this period of discernment, with the support of the person responsible for Sulpician vocations of the region, the priest asks his bishop for a written autorisation to have an experience with Saint Sulpice. The aspiring candidate then presents his candidacy by writing to the Provincial Superior or with the Provincial Delegate.

First experience with Saint Sulpice - If he is accepted and formally admitted as a candidate, the Provincial Council becomes directly responsible for his experience with the Priests of Saint Sulpice. It then takes over the care of the candidate and gives him a first appointment within a team of the Canadian Province from the moment his bishop released him from his diocesan duties. This first experience in the Society usually lasts at least two years.

Training stages - During this first experience as a candidate, the priest participates in the Sulpician formation program:
  • Periodic meetings of the candidates.
  • Solitude – a program of extended formation lasting six months, bringing together candidates from the provinces of France and Canada. This formation period offers detailed information on the history, mission, spirituality and pedagogy of the Society. It is nourished by intense personal and communal prayer, celebration of the Eucharist and the Divine Office, group sharing and individual spiritual direction.
  • The Sulpician Month – is organized about every three years, usually in July in Paris. This program brings together participants of three provinces: France, Canada and the United States. This session has three objectives:
    • mutual knowledge of the various participants, their country and their Church of origin
    • learning the history and the traditions of Saint Sulpice
    • visit of the sites of Sulpician origins in France.
  • Subsequently, after a new discernment, the candidate may seek temporary admission into the Society. “As a general rule the interval between temporary and definitive admission should be not less than one year and no more than five years.”  (Constitutions, Art. 53). If necessary, he completes studies of the 2nd or 3rd cycle.
  • Finally, he may then ask for definitive admission.

Whom to contact for more information?

In all of the Province :


Fr. Jacques D'Arcy, PSS
Provincial Superior

Séminaire de Saint-Sulpice

116, rue Notre-Dame Ouest

Montréal, Qc.

Ph.: (514) 849-6561, ext. 305

Email: provincial@sulpc.org

In Colombia:


Fr. Joaquín E. Cortés T., PSS
Provincial Delegate in Latin America 

Casa Sacerdotal de San Sulpicio 

Carrera 62 No 172-41, Barrio San José de Bavaria 

Bogotá, D.C., Colombia A.S.

Ph.: (57-1) 679-0736, ext. 209

Fax: (57-1) 487-0225

Email: vocacionespss.colombia@sulpc.org

In the Montreal region:


Fr. Marcel Demers, PSS
Grand Séminaire de Montréal

2065, rue Sherbrooke Ouest

Montréal, (Québec) H3H 1G6

Ph.: (514) 935-1169, ext. 207

Email: vocationspss.montreal@sulpc.org


Fr. Argiro Restrepo, PSS
Grand Séminaire de Montréal

2065, rue Sherbrooke Ouest

Montréal, (Québec) H3H 1G6

Ph.: (514) 935-1169, ext. 205

Email: vocationspss.montreal@sulpc.org

In Rome:


Fr. Éric Sylvestre, PSS
Pontifical Canadian College

75, Via Crescenzio 

00193 Rome, Italie

Ph.: (39-06) 684.02113
Fax: (39-06) 684.02107

Email: vocazionipss.roma@sulpc.org

Au Japon :


Fr. Alexis Mitsuru Shikrahama, PSS
Japan Catholic Seminary

1-1-1 Matsuyama, Jonan-ku

Fukuoka 814-0131, JAPAN

Ph. : (81-3) 3920-2121
Fax : (81-3) 5991-0605
Email: vocationspss.japan@sulpc.org

In Brazil:

Marco Antonio Forero.jpg

Fr. Marco Antonio Forero, PSS
Seminário Maior Arquidiocesano de Brasília
Estrada Parque Dom Bosco SHIS-QI 17 LAGO SUL
Caixa Postal 7026, CEP 71.645-600-DF-BRASIL

Ph. : (55-61) 3367-9921
Fax : (55-61) 3253-9310
Email: vacacoespss.brasil1@sulpc.org

In the Canadian West:


Fr. Shayne Craig, PSS
St. Joseph Seminary
9828 - 84 Street NW
Edmonton, Alberta

Ph.: (780) 392-2445, p. 6222
Email: vocationspss.west1@sulpc.org


Fr. Augusto García, PSS
St. Joseph Seminary
9828 - 84 Street NW
Edmonton, Alberta

Ph.: (780) 392-2445, p. 6225
Email: vocationspss.west2@sulpc.org

Person responsible for the formation of candidates and for the Solitude:


Fr. Argiro Restrepo, PSS
Grand Séminaire de Montréal
2065, rue Sherbrooke Ouest
Montréal, Québec

Ph.: (514) 935-1169, ext. 205
Courriel : solitudepss.canada@sulpc.org

Prayer for Sulpician Vocations

Lord, You said:
“If in my name you ask me for anything, I will do it.” (Jn 14: 14).
We wish to ask You at this time
to bless the work of the Sulpician Fathers;
send us Holy Priests in abundance
to be at the service of the Divine Ministry
of initial and permanent priestly formation.

Give the Apostolic Spirit
to those whom You call,
filling them with humility, goodness,
patience, zeal, charity
and a spirit of evangelical poverty,
so that possessing all that is necessary
for exercising their mission
as formators and spiritual directors,
they may guide many of their brothers to holiness.

Holy Spirit, Interior Master,
we ask that through contemplating in prayer
the interior lives of Jesus and Mary,
these priests may abandon themselves to You,
and thus live supremely for God in Christ Jesus.


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