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General Administration
Since its origins in 1641, there were general administrative structures, always coordinated by the general superiors. But it was not until 1966 that a General Assembly decided to create a particular and autonomous body called the Generalate that would be at the service of the whole Society.


The building of the rue du Regard in Paris,
the see of the Generalate of the Society
of the Priests of Saint Sulpice.

The Constitutions of the Society of Priests of Saint Sulpice, in part three, deal with "Structures in the Service of the Mission" (cf. Art. 69-148). The Introduction summarizes their meaning, and Chapter II presents "The Structures at the General Level" (cf. Art. 72-99). Article 72, in effect, states their purpose and objective: The General structures guarantee the unity of direction and of spirit essential to the very life of the Society and to the exercise of its proper mission in its international setting. These structures have, for their principal purpose, the orientation and the leadership of the Society by decisions and directives in harmony with its mission and its vocation.

These structures include:
  • The general assembly (cf. Art. 73-80), which is held every six years;
  • The general council, composed of a superior and four consultors elected by the General Assembly for a term of six years (cf. Art. 81-94) [the Generalate has its headquarters in Paris];
  • three provinces - France, Canada and the United States – each with its own structures (cf. Art. 100-126);
  • various local communities with their particular structures (cf. Art. 127-148);
  • and various international and interprovincial instances at the service of the whole of the Society and of its mission (cf. Art. 95-99):
    • the general financial administration in Rome;
    • the general secretariat in Paris;
    • the general financial office in the United States, which, among other things, coordinates the work of the Interprovincial Committee of Financial Administrators;
    • the Bulletin de Saint-Sulpice;
    • the Study Commission of Sources and Traditions of the Company;
    • the archives of the Society;
    • the formation of new members by the institutional program called Solitude, organized by the various provinces and followed by the General Council;
    • the ongoing formation international and interprovincial realized by periodic sessions: the Sulpician Month, conferences, seminars, sabbatical periods and others.
The present General Council is composed of the superior general and four consultors:

Fr. Ronald D. Witherup, PSS

Father Ronald D. Witherup, PSS

Superior General
(United States of America)

Fr. Jean-Louis Rouillier, PSS

Father Jean-Louis Rouillier, PSS

1st Consultor General


Father Jaime Alfonso Mora, PSS

2nd Consultor General

Fr. David D. Thayer, PSS

Father David D. Thayer, PSS

3rd Consultor General

(United States of America) 


Father Timothée Bodika, PSS

4th Consultor General

(Democratic Republic of Congo)


The chapel of the Generalate in Paris.

The general administration promotes inter-provincial cooperation, encourages active solidarity in front of the financial challenges, organizes new services necessary for the entire Society. This is done in close collaboration with provincial superiors and their councils.

In summary, it is about the strengthening of the international links with adequate and effective means. The goal is to realize well the role and mission of the Society at the service of today’s Church and society. All this always requires a constant effort of inculturation, dialogue and discernment.
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