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The Pentecost of Charles Le Brun, ordered for the chapel of the Saint Sulpice Seminary by Jean-Jacques Olier. This painting is presently found in the chapel of the Sulpician house at the Rue du Regard in Paris.

In their service to priests and future priests, the Priests of St. Sulpice draw energy from the spirituality of the French School, especially as it was lived and formulated by Father Jean-Jacques Olier. It goes without saying that in no way do they intend to impose upon diocesan priests of the future the spirituality of a particular school; as a matter of fact, in diverse times and places, Sulpicians themselves have leaned heavily on other traditions of spirituality. However, they have found in Father Olier's writings a spirituality most useful in their lives as diocesan priests and in their service to the priesthood of the Church.

The spirituality is completely centered on union with Jesus Christ, on communion with His mysteries, on His dispositions, on His interior attitudes, and especially on His filial love towards God, His Father. To live wholly for God in Christ Jesus is what is proposed at the outset of Father Olier's Pietas Seminarii, the summary of this spirituality written at the very beginning of the Seminary of St. Sulpice.

This union with Jesus Christ involves a great docility to the Holy Spirit. Father Olier, time and again, used the expression Abandon yourself to the Holy Spirit, to express the constant attitude one had to have. The interior life is none other than union with Jesus Christ in docility to the Spirit. It is a fundamentally apostolic and missionary spirituality. All members of the Society have to be ready to go where the impetuosity of the Spirit brings them. But this apostolic spirit is nourished by the contemplation of Jesus Christ that Father Jean-Jacques Olier wants to spread among the clergy.

This spiritual life is nourished, in the words of Jean-Jacques Olier, at the "two tables", that of the Word of God and that of the Eucharist. The latter refers to the Last Supper, during which the Apostles were fed by Christ, thus becoming the twelve foundations of the Church. Accordingly, in this spirituality "the most holy Apostles", called "the Apostolic College", are honored and invoked in a special way (cf. Pietas Seminarii, VI). This spirituality also includes a deep filial devotion to the Virgin Mary, the Mother of the Incarnate Word and Seat of Wisdom, in order to contemplate and imitate her inner life.

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To consult the bibliography on Sulpician spirituality click here.
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