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The Seminary of Manizales

The Seminary of Manizales The Seminary of Manizales (1950-2004)

Seminario Mayor de Nuestra Señora del Rosario
La Florida, Apartado Aéreo 286,
Manizales (Caldas), Colombia, S.A.

Saint Sulpice in Colombia

In the second half of the 19th century, the religious persecution by the Columbian radical leaders obliges several Columbian candidates for the priesthood to complete their training at the Saint Sulpice Seminary in Issy-les-Moulineaux, a suburb of Paris. Such was the case of His Excellency Bernardo Herrera who first was the bishop of Medellín, and later the archbishop of Bogotá. Mention may also be made of His Excellency Luis Concha, bishop and then archbishop of Manizales, before becoming the Cardinal Archbishop of Bogotá. Thus, before 1950, several members of the Colombian clergy knew Saint Sulpice and appreciated, among other things, its collegial method of formation.

Courtyard of the seminary.

The Seminary of Manizales

In December 1901, the first bishop of Manizales, His Excellency Gregorio Nacianceno, founded a Tridentine-style seminary. In September of 1947, one of his successors, Archbishop Luis Concha, invites the provincial superior of the Society of the Priests of Saint Sulpice of Montreal, Monsignor Henri Jeannotte, PSS, to accept the direction of his seminary. Already requested by the Bishop of Arequipa in Peru, then by the bishops of the region of Lima, the Provincial Council chaired by a new provincial superior, Father Maximilien Lacombe, PSS, opts for Manizales on April 19, 1949.

Fernand Paradis, PSS
Fr. Fernand Paradis, PSS

The first Sulpician rector, Father Fernand Paradis, PSS, accompanied by Father Claude Allard, PSS, arrived in Colombia in November of that year. Inspired by the charisma of teacher and missionary of their founder Jean-Jacques Olier, they begin the presence of Saint Sulpice in Colombia, a presence which later will extend to Central America, to other Latin American countries, and eventually to Brazil. Father Fernand Paradis, PSS is rightly considered the founder of Saint Sulpice in Latin America.

Sport areas and mountains.
He first devoted himself to learning Spanish, then at the beginning of the school year in February 1950, he assumed the direction of the seminary, which then hosted 67 seminarians. Two other Sulpicians, Fathers Alfred Morin and Raymond-Marie Léger, joined the team shortly after. The seminary has grown rapidly. If in 1948 it had 42 students, it will have 135 by 1954.

The rectors of the Seminary of Manizales were Fathers:

1. Fernand Paradis 1950-1956 (June)

2. Alfred Morin 1956 (July) - 1960

3. Édouard Gagnon 1961-1964 (June)

4. Rodrigo Arango Velásquez 1964 (July) - 1967

5. Alfredo Botero Maya 1968

6. Alvaro-José Jaramillo Echeverri 1969

7. Gustavo Baena Bustamante 1970 (January - June)

8. Oscar Duque Estrada 1970 (August - December)

9. Émilius Goulet 1971-1976

10. Louis-Paul Gauvreau 1977-1980

11. Jorge Jaramillo Laverde 1981-1983

12. Marc Ouellet 1984-1988

13. Arturo Cardona Chica 1989-1992

14. Gregorio León López 1993-1994

15. Carlos Ballén Silva 1995-1999

16. Héctor Epalza Quintero 2000-2004 (June)

In July 2004, the direction of the seminary was entrusted by the Archbishop of Manizales to the clergy of the diocese.
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