Seminario Mayor Arquidiocesano San Pedro Apóstol

Apartado Aéreo 26598 (Unicentro)
Carrera 122 # 12-459 (Via a Pance)
Cali, Colombia, A.S.

Contact: Fr. Gustavo Isaza, PSS, Rector 

Ph.: (57-2) 555-2053 or 555-2061 

Fax: (57-2) 555-2056

The Major Seminary of Cali.

The former seminary of Cali had closed its doors in early 1970. The Archbishop of Cali, His Excellency Alberto Uribe, asks Saint Sulpice to direct this seminary in 1981. Fr. Robert Mercier, PSS becomes its first rector. He was succeeded by Fathers Jacques D'Arcy, PSS (1983), Diego Restrepo, PSS (1989), Joaquín Cortés (1998) et José Abel Sierra (2004). The current Rector, Fr. Gusavo Isaza, PSS directs the seminary since 2010. His team is composed of 4 Sulpicians and 4 diocesan priests.

When the seminary opens its doors in August 1981, it houses 15 students in philosophy and 16 in theology. During the academic year 2011-2012 there are 94 intern seminarians and 10 in the pastoral year. The interns study in two cycles: philosophy (54) and theology (40). They come from five dioceses: Cali (59), Palmira (18), Buenaventura (8), and the Apostolic Vicariate of Guapi (9). There are also  15 extern seminarians belonging to 3 religious communities.

A group of seminarians of Cali.

It may be noted that, contrary to the calendars of other seminaries in Colombia and Brazil where the school year corresponds to the calendar year, the Seminary of Cali starts its activities in August of one year and ends them in June of the following year.