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The early history of the Province may be set in 1657, the year of the arrival of the first  French Sulpicians in Canada, and even before, since its origins are the insights and decisions of Father Jean-Jacques Olier ( 1608-1657), the pastor of the Saint Sulpice Parish in Paris, missionary, founder of seminaries, educator of priests, and founder of the Society of the Priests of Saint Sulpice.

The Canadian Province is present in various countries, which means that it seeks to adapt to different cultures, languages and peoples:

In Eastern Canada (since 1657):

In Western Canada (since 1990):

In Italy (since 1888):

In Japan (since 1933):

In Colombia (since 1949):

In Brazil (since 1976):

The Canadian Province, like the two other Provinces, according to its solid roots, has a deep and extensive experience of presence in various geographical and cultural contexts. Thanks to a more direct contact, it insures]a better adjustment to local problems. With the other provinces and among its members, it strives to maintain and to develop the fraternal ties binding them together and, in whatever measure possible, their mutual collaboration. (Cf. Constitutions, Art. 100).