Jacques D'Arcy, PSS, Provincial
Fr. Jacques D'Arcy, PSS
Provincial Superior

I wish you a bright and warm welcome to the website of the Canadian Province of the Priests of Saint Sulpice. We are honoured by your visit. I invite you to stay with us as long as possible, and visit the various pages available to the public. I hope that in visiting this site you will find yourself at home. I thank you for giving your kind attention to this presentation of our site. Afterwards you will without doubt check it by yourself. Welcome!

The updated site presents in a fairly complete way the Canadian Province of the Priests of Saint Sulpice. As an international institution, it has a social and cultural momentum of a broad perspective, while being an entity of the Catholic Church. The number of planned versions - French, Spanish, English, Portuguese and Japanese - seeks to reflect the linguistic and multicultural environments in which it operates. Its presence in Italy would require an Italian version; it is currently planned. 

You will find a singular novelty right from the homepage of the site: the page of presentation, including the acronym in gold, full of light that illuminates the entire site and its every page. This acronym has its historical traces everywhere in our houses: the doors, the façades of buildings, gates, buildings, the narthex of the chapel ... The capital Marian "M" is a symbol that illuminates with its rays of light the past, the present and the future of the Society of the Priests of Saint Sulpice. This acronym is an identification key of the site and therefore, of the "Communications" of the Canadian Province. 

Then, for the presentation of menus, the various components are presented in a dynamic way and they are easy for search. They are presented in an alphabetical or chronological order, sometimes in both ways. 

This site places the Province in its international and multicultural context: in relations with the other Provinces and with the General Administration of the Society of the Priests of Saint Sulpice. 

To make the site’s redesign, we pass from 19 to about 70 pages for each language version. The French version, the first one, will be translated in 4 other language versions. The new site covers about 350 pages. What a job! How many challenges faced! Saint Sulpice becomes present to society and to the Catholic Church. In addition, the website bears witness to the vitality of the Gospel throughout the centuries.

It will give the users a brief and complete information, an overview of the whole Province opened to more ample research. This new site offers the opportunity to establish links with many institutions, sites, places, people and documents. An attractive navigation was one of the concerns of the Work Group "Communications" of the Canadian Province of Saint Sulpice. 

This means of communication realizes the process "Operation Renewal" (2003-2005) and the resolutions of the Provincial Assembly of 2006, which asked to ensure "to make known who we are, what we do, what we live, to promote a sense of belonging to Saint Sulpice and an opening to the Church and to the world" (Resolution no. 38).
Among the new pages, the most interesting are the following:

1. "News" - some brief texts will present some thoughts of the Sulpicians and other correspondents on some topical issues. There will also be information, periodically updated, on the life of the Province of Canada.


2. "Constitutions" of the Company - the fundamental document that inspires, guides and animates the life and ministry of the Priests of Saint Sulpice.

3. "Pastoral Institutions and Services" - this page is very rich. It allows one to appreciate the outreach of the Province, well beyond the boundaries of Canada, and to discover the missionary spirit and apostolic zeal that has animated the Sulpicians from the very beginning.


4. "Cultural Universe of Saint Sulpice" - Browsing this page allows you to see the three dimensions of the contribution of Saint Sulpice to the life and the history, especially of the City of Montreal and of the Province of Quebec: the Archives , the  Patrimonial Goods and the Rare Books.

5. "Publications" - This page presents the literary contribution of the Sulpicians of the three Provinces in several areas of research during the last ten years. In this page you will find bibliographic elements about Jean-Jacques Olier and the French School of Spirituality. A great innovation! 

This new website is the result of intense collaboration of members of the Work Group "Communications" of the Canadian Province of Saint Sulpice with many confreres on several levels, and several competent lay persons. “Thank you” to all those who have contributed to this project. Congratulations for your creativity! 

The Society of the Priests of Saint Sulpice, the Canadian Province and its Provincial Administration are proud to offer users the result of this work. This site is a rich contribution to the multicultural dimension of the Society. It is an eloquent testimony to the vitality of the Church at the heart of history, in various countries, missions and pastoral institutions to which it brings the light of the Gospel.

Enjoy our new website!

Jacques D'Arcy, PSS
Provincial Superior